See stunning detailed 3D anatomy come to life!

Our experienced 3D developers will create custom anatomical models using our partner company Intervoke , which is an award-winning biomedical animation company that creates scientifically accurate visuals for the medical community. We will work closely with you to define, develop and deliver each project from concept to completion.

All 3D assets start by building on a solid foundation, using a quadrilateral polygon base mesh. This facilitates two purposes, it allows for better optimization for interactive presentations, and allows for efficient deformation of high quality surfaces for photorealistic animations when rendering. All geometry is then hand sculpted, painted and exported at its highest quality using industry standard applications and custom plugins.

Intervoke utilizes its large archive of custom created 3D assets. You can use this for education and training or to market your own proprietary intellectual property. This is also helpful for creating a virtual surgical procedure or a simulation for a complex medical device. For example, show HCPs or patients how your products work, safely in real-time. Having access to these 3D marketing resources also saves you time and money.