What is BioCloud 3D?

Welcome to a new paradigm in modern Cloud based health education.

Download images & videos and share! Yes, you can share our 3D anatomy models and embed them onto your website!

BioCloud 3D is an online subscription platform that allows users to view a detailed archive of human 3D anatomy right from your Web browser. This can be used on your desktop or mobile device in real-time without any special plug-ins.

All BioCloud 3D content is developed using the direction of specialized medical professionals, including physicians, surgeons, certified medical illustrators, artists and technical medical writers.

Click on our 3D models and see full anatomical details labeled with definitions, zoom in and move the models around for details, study anatomy and physiology, draw and type onto the models and record your sessions for presentations, HCP training & patient education, and white label the interface with your own personal branding and website embedding.

We have three plans, starting with the Individual option, which is popular with students, allowing users to study anatomy and physiology, draw and type on screen, including the ability to record audio & video sessions for presentations. The Enterprise Plan is for training healthcare professionals and patient education, and offers users the ability to white label and personally brand our 3D anatomy for website marketing and embedding. And, the Educator Plan is for large groups, like universities.

We also provide custom 3D animation development to build interactive 3D content, presenting medical devices and disease states which can be embedded onto your website in real-time for healthcare providers, patient education and training.

This is just the beginning and we are diligently working to add to our growing archive of new anatomical structures, small and large. Some models are created with a focus on simplicity and ease of use, while others are more complex, including physiology animations. Let us know if you have any questions or requests on our contact page.

Due to client demand we wanted to make sure BioCloud 3D was released sooner rather than later, because it is already being used by clinics & universities.

Learn more about how we create our 3D content.

How did we start image

How did we start?

BioCloud 3D was started in 2020 by our partner company Intervoke, which specializes in high quality, scientifically accurate 3D content for medical training applications, animated MoA/MoD videos and WebGL technologies. Intervoke has been a leader in digital medical content creation for the last 7 years, and all of the 3D anatomy used in BioCloud 3D was created by Intervoke for educational purposes.

Over the years, Intervoke has received many inquiries from students, HCP’s, clinics, universities, and pharma companies about using our human 3D anatomy in many different ways for educational purposes, so we developed BioCloud 3D to meet the needs of our clients and the demands of the medical community.

Our focus is to engage our audience visually and increase learning retention in students, healthcare professionals, and patients for clinics, universities, pharma, and medical device companies alike.